About Prohibited

A Podcast About Prohibition

When you hear the word ‘prohibition’, what do you think of? Do you picture the roaring 20s and gangsters like Al Capone? Maybe you think of drugs other than alcohol like cocaine or heroin? Maybe you don’t think about illicit drugs and instead you think of sex work or gambling. Whatever comes to mind, you probably know that various forms of prohibition are alive and well in our society. And if you’re like most people, you don’t think its working.

Welcome to Prohibited: A podcast about prohibition. On this show, we explore the impacts of prohibition. Although a plurality of our episodes will be focused on drug prohibition in various forms, we intend to explore prohibition in a much wider sense, to include sex work, gambling, plastic bags, thought, etc.

The goal of this project is to provide listeners with an opportunity to evaluate the real-world outcomes of various forms of prohibition and to so do with objectivity and intellectual honesty. At prohibited we have conversations with those working to dismantle the various systems of prohibition and those seeking to build or maintain them.


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