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  • 202. Overcoming Imperialist-Racist-Capitalist-Hetero-Patriarchy: From #Defund to Abolition

    For this episode, Scott is joined by Breya Johnson. Breya is the Education Co-Chair for the Black Youth Project 100, an abolitionist organization for Black youth engaged in intersectional advocacy. What would happen if we "prohibited" law enforcement in its current iteration? Breya and Scott discuss the “Defund the Police” movement, and explain why the movement for prison, jail, and police abolition must be rooted in a anti-racist, feminist, perspective which rejects imperial-racist-capitalist-ableist-cis-ableist-hetero-patriarchy.

  • 201. Medicalized Magic Mushrooms – The Oregon Psilocybin Therapy Campaign

    For the season 2 premiere, Scott was joined by Sam Chapman, the Campaign Director for the Oregon Psilocybin Therapy ballot initiative campaign. If enacted by voters this November, it would create a system where adults over the age of 21 would be able to access psilocybin in a controlled setting where they would be guided by licensed psilocybin caregivers

  • Season 2 Trailer

    Join us for Season 2 of Prohibited: a Podcast About Prohibition where we will explore topics ranging from vaping bans, to refugee bans, to immigration policy. We will also be revisiting some of our topics from Season 1 including cannabis, psilocybin , urban camping bans, and overdose prevention sites. Stay Tuned!

  • 111. Empyrean: People of Color Psychedelics Conference

    Host Scott Cecil interviews attendees of the inaugural Empyrean: People of Color Psychedelics Conference, the first conference of its kind, which took place in Washington D.C. in September 2019. What are the ways in which marginalized communities are prevented from accessing psychedelic substances? What are the implications of the medicalization of psychedelic substances? In what ways does racial hierarchy impact the current drug policy reform ad psychedelic therapy/access movements? We explore those questions and more in rapid-fire interviews. You don't want to miss this episode!

  • 110. The Right to Survive: Denver’s Ban on Living Outdoors

    For this episode, we sat down with Kat Humphries, a homeless service provider & harm reduction professional to discuss ballot initiative "The Right to Survive", an ordinance which would have decriminalized resting, eating, sheltering oneself, or occupying a vehicle outdoors in Denver and effectively overturning the City's 'urban camping' ban.

  • 109. Drug Prohibition Harm Reduction: From DanceSafe to Burning Man

    This week we are joined by Mitchell Gomez, the Executive Director of the nightlife harm reduction & non-profit organization, DanceSafe. We discuss the mission of DanceSafe which includes providing unbiased […]

  • National Cannabis Festival

    108. National Cannabis Festival

    On April 20, the entire Prohibited team attended the 4th Annual National Cannabis Festival in Washington DC. Listeners will remember the creator of NCF, Caroline Phillips, from episode 1. This week's episode contains dozens of short, one-on-one interviews with attendees of the festival. This episode's outro features music from Backyard Band, captured from backstage at the Festival.

  • Prohibited #SSDP2019

    107. SSDP2019: Reflections from Global Youth Activists

    Host Scott Cecil attended to the SSDP2019 Conference in Chicago, Illinois where he had the opportunity to pull aside a few conference attendees to ask them to reflect on their experiences at this year's event, the largest gathering of youth activists in the world who are all working to end the war on drugs.

  • 106. Let’s B’more Serious About Harm Reduction: Bringing Overdose Prevention Sites to Maryland

    This week we are joined by Tricia Christensen with the Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition. We discuss the efficacy of Overdose Prevention Sites (Supervised Consumption Facilities) and the politics behind trying to bring them to Baltimore City and the state of Maryland.

  • 105. Mile High Magic Mushroons: The Denver Psilocybin Initiative

    Scott was joined by Kevin Matthews the Director of the Denver Psilocybin Initiative, a voter-initiated campaign which would essentially decriminalize the possession and propagation of psilocybin mushroom for personal use by establishing the lowest police priority and defunding

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