Tag: drugs

  • 209. The History of Drugs in Society Podcast

    For this bonus episode of Prohibited, Scott joins Euguene Leventhal on the History of Drugs in Society podcast for their 23rd episode "Harm Reduction and Cannabis Policy". Stay tuned for the Prohibited's last four episodes of season 2 in March and April.

  • 203. Human Rights & State-Sanctioned Oppression: From Colonialism to Stop to & Frisk

    For this Episode, Scott is joined by Jake Agliata from the International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD). Jake is a human rights scholar and an advocate for the humane treatment of people who use drugs. Scott and Jake take a deep dive into the international human rights convention framework and how that framework informs policing across the globe before delving into how States engage with international definitions around human rights, which can often lead to state-sanctioned violence, profiling, and oppression.

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