Tag: Harm Reduction

  • 210. Prosecutorial Power in Prince George’s

    The hiatus is over! For this episode, Scott is joined by Stanford Fraser, a Public Defender in Prince George’s County Maryland, and a recently announced candidate for State’s Attorney. They […]

  • 204. When Help Looks Like Harm (Reduction): From Stigma to Coercive Treatment

    Prohibited returns to the topic of harm reduction with Garrett Reuscher, a drug policy reform veteran who currently works as a substance use counselor and mental health therapist in NYC. Garrett and Scott discuss how stigma and coercive systems conspire to make substance use more dangerous than need be. Later, they lighten the mood by going over some of Garrett’s social media rants which are inspired by his anger over society’s treatment of drug users and people experiencing substance use disorder.

  • 110. The Right to Survive: Denver’s Ban on Living Outdoors

    For this episode, we sat down with Kat Humphries, a homeless service provider & harm reduction professional to discuss ballot initiative "The Right to Survive", an ordinance which would have decriminalized resting, eating, sheltering oneself, or occupying a vehicle outdoors in Denver and effectively overturning the City's 'urban camping' ban.

  • 106. Let’s B’more Serious About Harm Reduction: Bringing Overdose Prevention Sites to Maryland

    This week we are joined by Tricia Christensen with the Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition. We discuss the efficacy of Overdose Prevention Sites (Supervised Consumption Facilities) and the politics behind trying to bring them to Baltimore City and the state of Maryland.

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