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  • Drug Prohibition Harm Reduction: From DanceSafe to Burning Man

    This week we are joined by Mitchell Gomez, the Executive Director of the nightlife harm reduction & non-profit organization, DanceSafe. We discuss the mission of DanceSafe which includes providing unbiased […]

  • The State of Federal Prohibition: From Ganja to Gambling

    This week we are joined by John Hudak from the Brookings Institution. We discuss the current landscape of federal cannabis prohibition, federal criminal justice reform, Trump’s new Attorney General nominee, and the lack of energy behind ending sex work prohibition at the federal level.

  • Capital, Cannabis, Confoundment: Is cannabis actually legal in DC?

    Caroline Phillips, creator of the National Cannabis Festival joins us to talk about how and why she founded this event, the state of legalization in the nation's capital in light of continued congressional interference, and the future of dismantling cannabis prohibition in the district and how that might look.